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hair removal crouch end


Is it possible to have a nice hair removal experience? We think so!

Whether choosing waxing or IPL laser hair removal, our hair removal services at Crouch End is designed to make your treatments as pleasant as possible. The procedures are carried out by experts who are trained to handle things delicately and make your experiences worth cherishing.

In other words, if you’re looking for quality waxing or hair removal in Muswell Hill or Finsbury Park, Image Hair and Beauty is the place.

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laser hair removal crouch end

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Practically pain free IPL laser hair removal with documented long term results, putting an end to slow, messy and painful methods of hair removal.

The Intense Pulsed Light is attracted to melanin, which is found in hair. For effective hair removal the IPL targets the pigment in the hair. Prior to treatment a gel is applied to the skin to optimise the treatment. An applicator is then pressed onto the skin and the light energy is absorbed into the hair causing a heat reaction to destroy the follicle. The treatment is only successful in the Anagen stage (growing stage) of the hair growth, therefore a course of treatments is required. All skin types can be treated.

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IPL 1 session

upper lip  £10

chin  £15

upper lip & chin  £20

underarm  £20

half arm  £29

full arm  £49

shoulders  £35

back  £69

bikini line £25

high bikini  £30

hollywood/brazilian  £45

full legs  £79

half legs  £49

full legs & hollywood/brazilian  £110

full legs & bikini  £90

half legs & bikini  £70

stomach  £32

buttocks  £49

IPL 6 sessions

upper lip £54

chin £81

upper lip & chin £108

underarm £108

half arm £156

full arm £264

shoulders £189

back £372

bikini line £135

high bikini  £162

hollywood/brazilian £243

full legs £426

half legs £264

full legs & hollywood/brazilian £594

full legs & bikini £486

half legs & bikini £378

stomach  £172

buttocks  £264

waxing finsbury park

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Kiss your razor goodbye! Book your consult today for a tailored package to suit your needs at affordable prices

Upper lip or Chin  £4

Eyebrow  £8

Forehead £8

Sides £8

Full Face incl. Eyebrows  £25

Full legs £25

Half legs £15

Underarm £6

Bikini line £10

High Bikini £13

Full arm £18

Half arm £10

Half leg & bikini £23

Back wax £20

Brazilian wax £25

Hollywood wax £27

Full legs & Bikini £32

Full legs & High Bikini £35

Full legs & Brazilian £42

Full legs & Hollywood £45


Feet £6

Underarm £6

Shoulders £10

Back wax £20

Chest wax £16

Stomach wax £15

Full legs £25

Full legs & feet £29

Buttocks £20

Men's Bikini Line £15